Modern Parking Management

Collect and view parking and visitor metrics.

Lot Spot is the lowest cost parking management system on the market with industry leading accuracy. Take control of your parking operations with a simple, elegant solution.

How It Works

Lot Spot installs a camera at the entrances and exits of your parking lots.

The camera autonomously tracks parking lot occupancy as cars enter and exit the parking lot. Lot Spot's sensors edge compute the data and send it to your dashboard and mobile app.

Beautiful Tools

Lot Spot provides a full toolkit for parking management.
The Dashboard
Historical and real-time data at your fingertips.

The Lot Spot Dashboard allows you to view empirical data regarding your parking.

Run studies, view historical data, and generate reports about your parking usage and efficiency to make data-driven decisions.

Mobile Application
Real-time parking guidance system for your drivers.

Driver satisfaction matters and parking is a pain for students, visitors, and clients.

Equip your drivers with the Lot Spot app so they know when to leave, which lots have space, and how to get there.

Easy APIs
Integrate your parking data with most 3rd party applications.

Need to display Lot Spot data somewhere else, like your website or an automatically generated report? It’s easy to use Lot Spot’s API to get the data you need and put it where you please.

Beautiful Science.
Mobile App
Parking Guidance.
Easy Integration.


Up to 90% lower than other parking management solutions.

How many entrances/exits do you have?

$300 per sensor

Billed at $300 /month

Let's work together to find a price that works for you.

  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited dashboard users
  • Report generation
  • API integration
  • Yearly maintenance
  • 24/7 Support

* Installation price is not included in the above quote.

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What makes Lot Spot different?

Lot Spot uses cutting edge technology to track parking lot occupancy. Our hardware is 30x more computationally efficient then industry standards and up to 30% more accurate. This allows low cost installation and data collection.

Where are sensors placed?

Lot Spot sensors are placed at the entrances and exits of parking lots (open air or garages). This allows you to track aggregate occupancy without the overhead of spot by spot hardware.

Is Lot Spot data identifiable?

Of course not! Lot Spot de-identifies and deletes all data as cars pass in and out of the lot. Lot Spot understands the importance of privacy which is why we focus on protecting your visitors data.

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