Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Lot Spot different?

Lot Spot uses cutting edge technology to track parking lot occupancy. Our hardware is 30x more computationally efficient then industry standards and up to 30% more accurate. This allows low cost installation and data collection.

Where are sensors placed?

Lot Spot sensors are placed at the entrances and exits of parking lots (open air or garages). This allows you to track aggregate occupancy (the number of cars in your lot) without the high cost of spot-by-spot hardware.

Is Lot Spot data identifiable?

Of course not! Lot Spot de-identifies and deletes all data as cars pass in and out of the lot. Lot Spot understands the importance of you and your visitors’ privacy which is why we focus on protecting your visitors data.

Does Lot Spot provide power?

Lot Spot provides specifications on what kind of power is required so that you can use your own preferred electrician. If you do not have a preferred electrician, Lot Spot will provide a list of approved electricians to perform the install. If your installation does not have access to the power grid, Lot Spot will provide a list of the required components and a list of firms that are equipped to install them.

How accurate is your system?

Industry standards boasts 80-85%... this just doesn't cut it for parking data. Lot Spot sensors are able to track up to 99% accurate.

What do you mount the camera on?

Lot Spot can mount its cameras on existing infrastructure (garage walls, existing light poles, etc) or if none is available, a 14 foot camera poles can be installed.

Does it track individual spaces?

Lot Spot does not track individual spaces. Through studies and surveys, we have found that tracking individual spaces does not provide equivalent benefit for the price. We can, however, segment your lots so that you can have the benefit of affordable occupancy tracking along with increased granularity.

Do you count people?

Currently, no. We’re looking into it.

How is the price per space calculated?

The more spaces you have, the less you will pay per space. Please contact us for more information regarding your specific lot(s).

Does the system work in inclement weather?

Lot Spot’s technology is trained to work in most weather situations.

What access do I have to data?

Your company has full, lifetime access to the data.

Who manages the hardware?

Lot Spot will maintain and upkeep the hardware. When a new system or version is released, we will make sure to replace your current system.

What happens if my camera breaks?

If your camera breaks please contact customer service. If the device can’t be fixed remotely we will overnight you a replacement and fix the old one.

How does Lot Spot handle support?

We take support seriously. If you have any concerns, questions, or technical issues, please open a ticket or email us at

What can I do on the dashboard?

With the Lot Spot dashboard you can view current occupancy, trends, average usage, future predictions, visitor reports, time based metrics, mobile app alerts, and more.

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